Aerobatic Flights

Aerobatic Flights also known as acrobatics, is the greatest roller coaster ride you will ever encounter. No adrenaline pumping experience will match the thrill you will feel with this style of adventure flight. Strapped into an aerobatics plane you will feel the exhilarating freedom of flight as your pilot manoeuvres the plane through the sky. Your flight will begin with simple aerobatic manoeuvres – like wing overs, and progress to more advanced aerobatic displays. At the end of each manoeuvre your pilot will make sure you’re feeling ok & ready you for the next challenge. By the end of your flight you will have completed a full aerobatic routine of loops, rolls, stalls and dives.

On arriving at the airport, your pilot will introduce themselves and the plane for your aerobatics flight. Followed by a simple safety briefing, you will be secured into the open cockpit with a 5-point harness. A radio headset will be fitted so that you can easily communicate with the pilot throughout the flight.

Once in the air your pilot will fly to the designated aerobatics area over the stunning Illawarra coastline. This unique birds eye view of the surrounding suburbs, escarpment and beach coastline will blow you away. Once at the designated aerobatic area, the pilot will prep you to start the first aerobatic manoeuvre. After each manoeuvre your pilot will check how you are feeling before moving onto the next trick. At the end of the flight you’ll have an understanding of a variety of aerobatic manoeuvres that may include: Cuban Eight, Reverse Cuban Eight, Barrel Roll, Hammerhead, Rolling Turns, Tail slides, spin and Inverted Flight.

Don’t worry! As the passenger you have complete control over how much aerobatics you do and what the intensity level of your flight will be. If you’re doing well the pilot will continue to challenge you with more vigorous aerobatic displays and higher G-forces/ Negative G-forces. If you can’t stomach it, the pilot will turn you upright until you are ready to go again.


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